and welcome to The Racers Net BBS. Today is Just so you know, the riding weather in North Lake Tahoe it looks like flurries and Uncomfortably Cold outside with Calm wind from the WSW . You can check out our complete weather station for full details or just watch to the left of the screen for a quick update on the weather. if you would like to join us on some of our many outdoor adventures be sure to contact us prior to coming to town, you can leave a messages here. We would be pleased to have you come along. If you are visiting the greater lake tahoe area be sure to visit the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame located in Reno, Nv. You will not be disappointed. With that said,

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did you know your Racing Schedules can be Posted anytime, even online if you wish. To Post your Racing schedules please submit them for publication. Just so you know, Street Racing is Illegal, even just being at an event such as Street Racing is Illegal as a spectator. If you post a Race that is Illegal on the Racers Net you will be banned from this site and i personally hope your Drivers license gets taken away. So please, DO NOT STREET RACE! There are many many Legal Racing Organizations and clubs out there that i urge you to join a local club near you. Need some help, then click here to see my Off Road Racing Organization List.

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